Since the invention of the lead–acid cell, over 150 years ago, many methods have been used to manufacture the support matrix (or ‘grid’) for the positive and the negative active-materials. Techniques include: gravity casting grids, injection moulding spines for tubular plates, rolling thin metal films for spirally-wound cells, expanding metal lead-alloys and lead-plated copper strip, continuous rotary pressure die-casting (WIRTZ CON-CastTM) with subsequent rolling (WIRTZ CON-RollTM ), and punching (WIRTZ ‘Reformed’ US Pat. CON-PunchTM) grids from lead-alloy strip. The presentation discloses recent advances in WIRTZ plate-making process technology and with particular focus on a pasting line that will produce up to 1000 motorcycle plates per minute within +/- 0.5 g paste weight, together with a robotic palletizing station.

John O Wirtz
WIRTZ Manufacturing Company Inc.
President & Chief Executive Officer

Biography: John O Wirtz, a graduate from Michigan State University USA, has been President and CEO of Wirtz Manufacturing, in Port Huron, for the past 25 years. His in-depth knowledge of process equipment for the lead–acid battery industry is pivotal within the Wirtz Manufacturing Company and ensures that the results equal or exceed customer expectations.

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