The curing process is one of the most important stages in the production of lead‒acid batteries. Unfortunately, however, most of manufacturers ignore the real advantages to be gained by taking a scientific and technological approach to this process. The presentation will give a rapid overview of the different technologies that are available for curing and cost-saving opportunities to be achieved by using the best curing chambers on the market. Particular attention will be paid to energy consumption and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions during plate manufacture.

Cesare Catelli
Technical Director

Biography: Cesare Catelli received a Degree in Biology in 1999 at Milan Insubria University. He spent more than 15 years in curing process optimization as Technical Director at a Catelli family company, and specialized in curing chambers for battery industries. He is the inventor of 2 patents for a plates manufacturing process technology related to curing, and a finalist of the Altran Foundation award in 2006 for technological innovation and energy. Cesare is an expert in the curing process for any type of plates for lead acid batteries and in his spare time runs in marathons and mountain races.

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