The implementation of environmentally-benign systems is a major challenge facing lead–acid battery manufacturers in China. Consequently, a large number of enterprises are merging and undergoing reorganization. It is essential for the equipment supplier to assist the battery manufacturer in minimizing pollution during the production process, increasing automation and efficiency, reducing contact between people and pollutants; introducing new technologies, optimizing the production process, shortening the circulation periods of pollutants, and decreasing energy consumption. The paper will provide details of the present and proposed activities that are being undertaken. The action will be extended to the other developing countries such as South East Asia, South America, and Africa.

Yingming Chen

Biography: Chen Ying Ming graduated from Henan Science and Technology University. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration from Nanjing University. In 1999, he established CEMT to innovate and sell battery-making equipment. He is the Executive Vice President of the Nanjing Yiwu Chamber of Commerce, a committee member of the China Electrical Technology Association, a member of the China Lead–Acid Battery Electrical Equipment Industry Association, a member of the Editorial Board of the Battery Association Communication Magazine, and Vice President of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association.

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