Lignosulfonates are potent additives that substantially improve the capacity, cold-cranking performance and the life of negative plates in lead–acid batteries. Incredibly, only 4 to 8 grams are required to produce a fourfold enhancement in the life of batteries that weigh 13 to 19 kg or more. Battery engineers are tasked to obtain optimum capacity, power and life from active materials at the lowest cost. Towards this goal, Borregaard LignoTech is pleased to introduce Vanisperse AT. Two investigations with commercial SLI batteries have been undertaken to validate Vanisperse AT, which is a new grade of organic additive that delivers significant improvements in both cold-cranking performance and cycle-life at high temperatures. The innovation enhances utilization of the negative active-material (NAM) under cold high-rate discharge. Correspondingly, the improved efficiency enables batteries to achieve greater cold-cranking performance and/or appreciable reduction in negative electrode mass with significant savings in lead and lighter batteries.

Tim McNally
Borregaard LignoTech
Senior Research Associate

Biography: Tim McNally joined Borregaard LignoTech in 1996 and is the Global Technical Application Manager for batteries. His work has focused on developing innovative organic additives to improve cold-cranking, charge-acceptance and high-temperature life of lead–acid batteries. He has presented papers at seven European Lead Battery Conferences. Tim has a Master's Degree in Chemistry from Wayne State University, USA, and is a contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology.

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