Valve-regulated lead‒acid batteries based on absorptive glass-mat (AGM) technology are in constant and increased demand for use in start‒stop vehicles. Sovema is well placed to provide the technology that will achieve the highest quality required for such products, namely: ball mills for oxide production; grid production lines; systems for active-material preparation and for high-pressure pasting of the grids; curing systems that ensure the correct percentage of tribasic and tetrabasic sulfates in the plates; enveloping and AGM wrapping machines, cast-on-strap (COS) machines and assembly lines; charging systems with controlled temperature and current, based on cutting-edge insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology; a finishing line customized to supply the market with the best batteries. The grids are a key component of AGM batteries because they have to provide high mechanical robustness and optimum corrosion resistance. Sovema has met these requirements for positive grids through the development of a technology that involves punching a rolled strip. For negative grid production, Sovema has devised a continuous-casting system (rotary caster) that allows cost-efficient production of full-frame grids.

Francesco Capuzzo
Sovema SPA
Sales Manager

Biography: Mr Capuzzo joined Sovema in early 1997 and has fulfilled the following roles: 1997‒2001 support engineer in the Sales Dept.; 2001‒2002 Sales Area Manager for Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, CSI countries, and Middle East; 2010 onwards successively Sales & Marketing Director for Sovema Spa (Italy), Sovema Global Services (USA), Sovema Tianjin (China).

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