The lead‒acid battery (LAB) sector has been identified by the Chinese Government in the 12th Five-Year Plan as one of the five most-polluting industries in China. From 2009, therefore, the Chinese government started to re-restructure the LAB sector after several instances of the population being subjected to major lead pollution exposures. New regulations and New Environmental Laws have been announced and are now being introduced throughout the industry. As a result of this legislation, more than one-thousand enterprises in the LAB and ULAB sectors have been shut down. This presentation will explain the significant changes to environmental legislation contained in the Access Conditions and New Environmental Laws, and will discuss the challenges encountered by the LAB sector in the implementation of the new regulations.

Yeo Lin
Zhejiang University
Director, Industrial Development Research Center, and Professor, School of Public Affairs

Biography: Dr Yeo Lin is a Professor at the School of Public Affairs and the Director of Industrial Development Research Center at the Zhejiang University in China. He has 30 years of experience in conducting economic analysis, policy studies and industry research in Asia, particularly Greater China. Professor Lin has also enjoyed a distinguished teaching and research career at universities in China, Taiwan and the US. In recent years, Professor Lin has led a number of major projects related to environmental protection in China.

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