In 2012, with assistance from an US Department of Energy (DOE) ARRA grant, Ecoult installed a 3-MW UltraBattery® frequency-regulation system in the PJM grid in Pennsylvania, USA, at the factory site of East Penn Manufacturing. The initiative successfully proved the field capability of the UltraBattery® in high-rate partial state-of-charge duty for MW-scale systems. Meanwhile, further evolution of the UltraBattery® technology was pursued. Consequently, frequency regulation has commenced at the same site and employs a new format of UltraBattery that operates at roughly double the power rating of the original design. The field performance of the original installation and, for the first time, that of the new UltraBattery® will be disclosed.

In addition, a dual-purpose system (frequency regulation plus stand-by power) is being installed for a commercial customer that will earn revenue through grid regulation and so be one of the world’s first revenue-positive industrial stand-by battery systems. The MW-scale facility ― like all of Ecoult’s products ― will be modular, essentially plug-and-play, and fully monitored down to the individual battery level. The presentation will describe how the outcomes of the DOE ARRA project promise to foster major energy-storage initiatives.

John Wood
Chief Executive Officer

Biography: As a technology CEO for more than 20 years, John Wood has had the good fortune to have worked with excellent individuals and led excellent teams that have created businesses and numerous successful products and solutions from the ground up that are used and trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises and governments. He is now the CEO of Ecoult and is leading the company’s effort to commercialize UltraBattery® storage solutions.

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