The presentation opens with an overview of the status of the lead–acid battery industry in China consequent to the introduction of environmental requirements and regulations. The focus then shifts to an analysis of the demand and supply of the batteries according to the diversity of their applications. There are three major categories, namely: (i) automotive — for road vehicles and motorcycles; (ii) reserve power — for telecommunications, uninterruptible power supplies, and portable equipment; (iii) motive power — for forklift trucks, golf carts, hybrid electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles The analysis will examine the leading suppliers and the major customers in each category, together with their respective market shares. Leoch is one of the leaders in all three categories. In closing, the presentation cautions that environmental regulations are necessitating constant upgrading of manufacturing operations and thereby are discouraging investment by some manufacturers. Therefore, companies are expected to leave the industry. Nevertheless, the market demand is growing so that there remain good opportunities for investment into the Chinese lead–acid battery industry.

Li Dong
Leoch International Technology Limited

Biography: Dong Li is the Chairman of Leoch International Technology Limited based in Shenzhen. He founded Leoch in 1999 and has built it into one of the world’s largest makers of lead-acid batteries, used for telecommunications, as back-up power sources and in electric vehicles. Leoch is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Dong also founded and owns Marshell Electric Vehicle Ltd. and Marxon Electronics Ltd., which also focus on new energy technologies and high-performance batteries. He has established more than 50 companies globally, with more than 15,000 employees and close to $1 billion in annual revenue. His companies’ products are used in more than 100 countries. Mr. Dong earned an Executive MBA from the National University of Singapore and serves on a number of industry organizations, including as Vice Chairman of Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber, Executive Vice President of the Chinese American Federation and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese CEO Organization and Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles.

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