The thickness of applied lead paste is critical in the performance and manufacture of lead–acid batteries. Too little lead paste decreases the battery capacity, whereas too much lead paste is wasted cost in the manufacture of batteries. Paste thickness is increasingly becoming a key factor for absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries. In the production of AGM batteries the plates are pressed into a cell under compression and therefore, compared with flooded batteries, plate thickness plays a more critical role in battery performance and cell balancing. This presentation discusses the methods, challenges and implications of more stringent inspection and control of lead paste thickness. Topics covered include contrasting plate weight control vs. plate thickness control; a description of the technology, and an example case study.

Stephen Mate
Co-efficient Precision Engineering Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

Biography: Stephen Mate is the CEO of Co-efficient Precision Engineering. Co-efficient is a determined designer, manufacturer, marketer and supporter of in-line thickness gauges for process control. Co-efficient is on a mission to help manufacturers build better products by making laser gauging systems simple and productive and to help ensure successful integration into manufacturing processes. Co-efficient has been installing laser gauges since 2006, and has active installations running in nine countries and counting. The gauges have been installed for a wide range of materials and various items of production machinery, with an emphasis on the lead–acid battery industry.

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