Pyrotek is a leading global company that specializes in the non-ferrous metals sector. The company partners with manufacturers to improve output and profitability. A lead recovery system ― Metaullics Lead Recovery (MLR) ― is offered for use in lead–acid battery plants. The MLR furnace enables recovery of the metallic content of dross or skimmings. Typical recovery rates from skimmings are between 60 and 80%. This metal has significant value. For battery plants that use antimonial alloys, the antimony remains in the recovered lead and thereby delivers added value. More specifically, the MLR system offers simple, user-friendly furnaces that separate the metallics for reuse. In addition, the residue lead oxide powder has commercial value to smelters for feed material. It has been usual practice to offer two sizes of furnace capacity, namely, a 750 kg (1650 lb) and a 1500 kg (3300 lb) batch unit. Due to the increased demand for MLR systems, however, Pyrotek has introduced an additional unit that can process 2000 kg (4400 lb) batches. Following requests from customers, Pyrotek has also designed an ingot system that allows the recovered lead to be cast into ingots of the size required for return of the metal to plant processes.

Brendt Halliday
Business Manager – MLR Metal Recovery Systems

Biography: Brendt Halliday is Business Manager for Pyrotek Australia. Brendt has worked in the molten metal industry for 25 years. He is responsible for product solutions into the molten metal industry and other high temperature industries. Brendt is a tradesman in the foundry engineering field, and holds a Master’s degree in Management from Monash University. Brendt’s key focus is on assisting manufacturers to reduce waste stream materials and increase direct bottom line profits, utilising metal recovery systems, molten metal pumps and associated equipment.

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