K.D. Merz, J. Cilia

The presentation examines the feasibility of making installed grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems run independent of the grid if and when required. The concept is based on the use of a ‘smart’ battery, a battery-management unit, and a converter. In order to limit the size of the battery required, however, a micro-scale combined heat and power (CHP) unit (single-phase) supplies the heat demanded during the winter. The energy storage of the smart battery and the operation of the micro-CHP unit are controlled by a wireless management system. Three grid-connected houses with installed PV systems have been monitored over a three-year period. It is found that integration of the battery‒CHP facility accommodates the annual energy requirements of each house. Details are given of the design of the battery capacity and the sizing of the CHP unit.

KD Merz
Abertax Technologies
Vice President Technology

Biography: KD Merz graduated in Chemical Engineering from Tech. College in Duesseldorf in 1980. He worked at the Research & Development department at Sonnenschein Batteries for seven years. From 1993 to 1999 he was Marketing and Product Manager for EV and HEV Applications. From 2000 to 2007 he was Director Marketing for Motive Power Products for Exide Technologies. In 2008 he decided to become self employed and work on battery technology and battery applications, sustainable energy generation and EV and HEV technology. He consults to several battery companies in Europe, Asia and USA on VRLA battery technology, and works on systems integration of batteries and accessories for complete energy solutions for customers in the material handling industry. He cooperates with several companies on the development of new products, components and solutions for the battery and energy industry.

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