Battery manufacturers are being challenged by the ever-increasing demands on battery performance and the need to improve production efficiency in their facilities. The Battery Grid Punching System from Oak Press Solutions can help address the demands of the end-customer and the needs of the manufacturer. Punched battery grids have been proven to provide superior performance when compared with grids produced with other technologies. The punching system from Oak not only produces very consistent grids, which increases overall plant efficiencies, but it also delivers grids at a very high production rate. The presentation will describe the various punching systems available from OAK to match the production needs of battery manufacturers and the advanced technologies included with these systems. The Oak punching systems can be configured for production volumes from 300 000 to 5 million+ batteries per year. Both lug-in strip or lug-out panels can be produced for SLI applications, and multi-panel strips for E-Bike or motorcycle applications. The features and latest innovations of the Oak battery grid punching tooling, which includes the new E-Series Punching Systems, ‘Smart Die’ Technology and a Strip Correction System, will also be reported.

Kent Lancaster
Oak Press Solutions Inc.
Vice President of Sales

Biography: Kent Lancaster holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Tri-State University. He joined the OAK Companies in 1986 and has spent the past 29 years in the industrial marketplace. Kent is now is the Vice President of Sales at Oak Press Solutions Inc. and is responsible for the global marketing of OAK Battery Grid Punching Systems.

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