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Tuesday 08 September 2015

7/8/14 3:00 pm

Registration Desk Open

Centara Grand Convention Centre

Wednesday 09 September 2015

28/7/15 1:55 pm

Hall A1

Chemical and Physical Changes in Lead–Acid Battery Separators Resulting from Oxidation

Richard Pekala
Vice President - Research & Development, ENTEK International LLC

Advanced Battery Grid Punching Technology

Kent Lancaster
Vice President of Sales, Oak Press Solutions Inc.

24/8/15 2:20 pm

Hall A1

TBLS+® and Optimized Expander Mixes for High-Performance Lead–Acid Batteries

Ian Klein
Head of Battery Additive Team, PENOX GmbH

Carbon Additive Solutions for Start–Stop Batteries

Paolina Atanassova
Global Applications Development Manager , Cabot Corporation

24/8/15 2:45 pm

Hall A1

Molecular Rebar® — A Revolutionary Additive to Increase Charge-Acceptance and Cycle-Life of Lead‒Acid Batteries

Paul Everill
Director of Technology, Lead Acid Batteries, Black Diamond Structures

Full-scale Performance of Lead–Acid cells with Lead-impregnated, Carbon Felt, Negatives

Shane Christie
Testing & Development Manager, ArcActive Limited

24/8/15 3:40 pm

Hall A1

Energy-Storage Solution for the One Billion Who Are Unplugged

Munawar Moin
Managing Director, Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited

In-house Recovery Technology for Retaining Value from Lead Dross and By-products

Brendt Halliday
Business Manager – MLR Metal Recovery Systems, Pyrotek

24/8/15 4:05 pm

Hall A1

Heraeus Porocarb® – A Unique Functional Carbon Additive for Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

Dominik Samuelis
Head of Innovation, Heraeus New Businesses - Battery

Innovation in Separators for Deep-Cycle Applications of Lead–Acid Batteries

John Timmons
Vice President, Technology, Microporous, LLC

24/8/15 4:30 pm

WIRTZ Grid and Plate Production Technology

John O Wirtz
President & Chief Executive Officer, WIRTZ Manufacturing Company Inc.

2/9/15 9:20 am

Hall A1

Lead Market Direction: Effects of Chinese Demand Change and New Battery Technology

Farid Ahmed
Principal Analyst Lead Markets, Wood Mackenzie Ltd

2/9/15 9:50 am

Hall A1

Rising to the Challenge — Shaping a Sustainable Future for the Global Lead Industry

Andy Bush
Managing Director, International Lead Association

2/9/15 10:15 am

Hall A1

Pathways to Advancing Lead-based Energy Storage

Ray Kubis
President & Managing Director, Eco-Bat Technologies Ltd.

2/9/15 11:00 am

Hall A1

Progress in Grid Energy Storage: Technologies and Applications

Imre Gyuk
Program Manager, Energy Storage Research, U.S. Dept. of Energy

2/9/15 11:25 am

Hall A1

Lead–Acid Battery Industry in China

Li Dong
Chairman, Leoch International Technology Limited

2/9/15 11:50 am

Hall A1

The Next-generation UltraBattery for Micro-Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Jun Furukawa
Senior Fellow, The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd

4/9/15 4:55 pm

Hall A1

Water loss in Modern Lead–Acid Batteries — Linking Electrocatalytic Activity of Carbon Additives to their Physical and Chemical Properties

Jochen Settelein
Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Chemistry ISC - Center for Applied Electrochemistry


Yi-Ren Tzeng
Associate Engineer, Division of Nuclear Fuels and Materials, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

Thursday 10 September 2015

19/6/15 9:50 am

Hall A1

Asian Market for Advanced Lead–Acid Battery Technology in Micro- and Mild-hybrid Electric Vehicles

Vijay Padhye
Vice President, Leoch International Technology Limited

19/6/15 10:15 am

Hall A1

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) Designs and Ongoing Directions

J Kevin Whear
Vice President Technology , Daramic, LLC

29/7/15 9:25 am

Hall A1

Five -Year Vision of Battery Technology

Bruce Ronning
Vice President & General Manager Asia Pacific, Johnson Controls Power Solutions

29/7/15 11:25 am

Hall A1

Carbon as a Partner of Lead and Sulfuric Acid – Mission Accomplished or Back to School?

Boris Monahov
Program Manager, Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium, The ALABC

29/7/15 11:50 am

Hall A1

Efficient Energy Generation and Storage System for Rural Electrification and Weak Grids

KD Merz
Vice President Technology, Abertax Technologies

29/7/15 12:15 pm

Hall A1

Evaluation of Current State of Advanced Lead-Carbon Battery Performance for 12-V Start‒Stop Applications

Sally (Xiaolei) Sun
Director, Technology Development, Electric Applications Incorporated

29/7/15 1:30 pm

Hall A1

Heading towards the Market? The ALABC’s Work with OEMs on Low-Cost, Low-Voltage, Micro/Mild Hybridisation

Allan Cooper
European Projects Coordinator , Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium

29/7/15 1:55 pm

Hall A1

Lead Risk Management in the Lead‒Acid Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Industries in China

Yeo Lin
Director, Industrial Development Research Center, and Professor, School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University

29/7/15 2:20 pm

29/7/15 3:35 pm

Hall A1

Advanced Lead–Acid Battery for various types of hybrid electric vehicle

Zubo Zhang
Manager of the Fundamantal Research Department, Camel Group Co.,LTD.

Friday 11 September 2015

12/6/15 9:00 am

12/6/15 9:25 am

12/6/15 9:50 am

24/7/15 10:15 am

Hall A1

The Role of Carbon in Lead–Acid Batteries for Partial State-of-Charge Operation

Subhas Chalasani
R&D Consultant, East Penn Manufacturing Co.

29/7/15 11:00 am

Hall A1

Development of an Algorithm to Estimate Capacity Loss of Lead–Acid Batteries in Micro-Hybrid Applications

Monika Kwiecien
Research associate and PhD student, Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), RWTH Aachen University

29/7/15 11:25 am

29/7/15 11:50 am

Hall A1

TIMREX® CyPbrid™ A New Generation of Carbon Additives for Use in the Negative Electrode of Advanced Lead‒Acid Batteries

Dario Cericola
R&D Application Development Scientist, Imerys Graphite & Carbon Switzerland Ltd.

29/7/15 12:15 pm

Hall A1

Pre-mixed ‘compound’ additives for negative plate of lead‒acid battery in low-temperature applications

Shounan Hua
Consultant, Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd.

29/7/15 1:30 pm

Hall A1

What are the Challenges and Opportunities for a Sustainable Lead‒Acid Battery Industry?

Brian Wilson
Program Manager, International Lead Management Center

29/7/15 1:55 pm

Hall A1

In-line Laser Gauging for Thickness Control of Pasted Plates in Lead–Acid Batteries

Stephen Mate
Chief Executive Officer, Co-efficient Precision Engineering Inc.

29/7/15 2:20 pm

Hall A1

Analysis of the Behaviour of Sulfate Ions in Flooded lead–acid batteries for Idling Stop-–Start Vehicles

Toshio Shibahara
Senior Researcher, Hitachi Chemical Co.,Ltd. Tsukuba Research Laboratory

29/7/15 2:45 pm

Hall A1

Best Practice for Future Lead–Acid Products

Douglas Lambert
Vice President – Battery Technology, WIRTZ Manufacturing Company Inc.